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Welcome to Editrix's Sanctuary and chat pages.
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Enjoy yourself on your journeys here -- roam through my Sanctuary chat rooms
and peruse the award-winning avatar gallery!

DaVinci's Exile
you know who you are if you should go to this Chat page

Sanctuary Chat Rooms
/ Editrix’s Preraphaelite Avatar Gallery / Editrix’s Office / Mark’s Castle /
/ The Inner Sanctuary / Rhonda’s Venice / The Loch /
/ Shrine to the God(ess) of Lag / The Abbey Crypt / The Stones of Stenness /
/ The White Mountains NEW / MIDI chat page /
/ Weddings & Other Special Ocassions /

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art by Charles E. Perugini, title unknown, c. 1878.
composition © Windhaven Press 1996; music by Gekko © 1996.

created March 1996 /last updated 20 September 2002